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MOD Optics created the Noscoper product as a method for finding and marking the center of the monitor and/or LCD screen, and was specifically designed with the Hard Core First Person Shooter games (FPS) in mind, this as competitor products are corny and do not seem to be serious in design.

The highest clarity clear decal available was printed and implanted with glow in the dark material to make an optical dot (the top two decals included in the pack), a cross hair scope graphic (the center decal in the pack), and a hybrid of both graphics (the bottom two decals in the pack) as is illustrated by the Product in the Catalog section of the Noscoper site, where the decals are also shown stuck to a black background for comparison.

To one who is skilled in the art of gaming, employing these special Nosoper decal helps to keep the FPS gamer aware of where they will be and/or are already aiming.  The graphics on the clear decal also helps the gamer with orientational awareness, especially while the player is running and/or moving throughout the game.  Moreover, if or when, he or she draws or aims his or her weapon, and/or if he or she were to hip fire the weapon (no scoping), they would have a better idea of where they would be expecting their ordinance to be heading.

One of the five decal designs are simply selected and are to remain temporarily stuck to the center of the monitor by steadfastly marking the center of aim while the aim function is enabled.  Then, even while the gamer may be running, and not engaging the aiming function the center of aim will always be apparent.  In this situation, the rifle’s reticle (dot, cross-hair, or hybrid of both) may not line up with the heading of the rifle barrel, as the aim function has not been fully engaged.  Therefor the rifle site has not been placed with the scope between the FPS gamer’s virtual eye and the target.  It should be noted that engaging the aim function on a FPS video game usually stops and/or slows your movement, in turn, slowing a speedy hunt for new and/or potential target acquisition.

In one aspect of this Noscoper decal design, a glow in the dark dot is placed upon the gamer’s monitor and may have a red or green color dot type much like many actual conventional close range firearm sites (the top two decals included with the Noscoper product decals).

In another aspect of this Noscoper decal design, a glow in the dark dot and cross-hair hybrid is placed upon the gamer’s monitor and may resemble a conventional scope cross-hair much like many actual conventional short to long range firearm reticles (the decal in the center and the bottom two decals included in the pack).

These decals are extremely clear where they need to be.  The graphics that make up the dot and/or cross hair reticles are infused with glow in the dark ink (photoluminescent) inks and other materials.

The Noscoper product was literally engineered to be a monitor site that has a visible material printed on it allowing the site to orient the video monitor user to the center of aim in most all background conditions.  Moreover, these backgrounds may include low backlight and/or high backlight conditions.  The red and green dots, and other site designs including portions of cross-hairs glow for use in low back light conditions with the use of specialty inks designed and selected for this.

Another aspect of this Noscoper decal includes specialty inks designed for giving a small amount of glow while also remaining somewhat see through in many of the printed graphic reticle areas for better target acquisition and less distraction from the sticker itself.

Noscoper decals incorporate a white ring around the dots for low back light conditions where just a dot/color may be hard to see.  White, black and other dark and light colors are used in conjunction with one another to create a site that is visible in virtually every backlighting condition, from low back to high backlight, and over as broad of spectrum of color conditions as possible.  This without washing out the area behind the decal and creating a distraction by the decal itself.

Note that these decals may also be layered for more glow, and/or cut for an even more custom reticle configuration.