NoScoper - Buy 1 get 1 Free Promotion - Customizable (cut and/or stack) Removable and Reuseable Vinyl Monitor Stickers, FPS, drone, Xbox, PS, Hard Core Team Death Match (TDM), No Scope, Glow in the Dark

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First Person Shooter (FPS) games, like COD and FortNite, have become more and more popular as the gaming world has evolved over the years.  These games are incorporating more and more realistic game play and the ability to play other players live online in highly competitive matches.  As with any lethally armed combatants, there is an old saying: “there are the quick and the dead”.  Meaning the one who gets the most accurate shot off, the quickest, lives.  Staying situationally aware of where the center of your aim will be at all times, even while moving and/or running from place to place, is an advantage for fast target acquisition.  Other scenarios where fast targeting and/or heading acquisition is a need may include, other sports games, non-live play against computer generated targets, and/or drone pilots in need of situational and/or orientation awareness, not only of the center of aim and/or direction of heading but also any relative twist to the horizon, is a plus for a drone operator using a monitor, LCD, and/or smart phone for feedback to fly and aim the drone being controlled.  Makes Target Finder and others electronic devices "EMP" proof.